The Madagascar Guide to Bliss

I’ve got a little treat for you today! The incredible Tania, the “Fit Freelancer” is here to get us moving and grooving towards more Bliss. If you don’t know Tania, I would highly recommend her encouraging “kick in the pants” facebook page and website where everyday is greeted with encouraging prompts that remind you to do the things that are important for happiness and health.

Today she’s covering a much ignored (over here!) Bliss Habit…

Why do you read Bliss Habits?

Well, because you want to be happy! Right?

It’s hard to get the hang of it like Kathy has, isn’t it? You can tell she’s got it down* and you wish you could, too. (*Kathy’s response 🙂 While flattered I have to say I really don’t know that I’ve “got it down” but it is my hope that this site will help us all find more happiness.)

But Life’s Overwhelming

Face it. There’re more demands on us than there are hours in the day. When family needs us, career needs us, and our body need us, crawling in a hole to hide just isn’t an option.

Every moment someone’s asking for something. “Mama, look at this!” “Honey, could you make that awesome chicken parmesan for dinner that we haven’t had in so long?” “Mom! Where’s my favorite pink shirt?”

But you’re trying to work and a build business your family can benefit from. So you get exactly zero done. These demands wear thin on your nerves and reading all the happy blogs in the world doesn’t help.

Overwhelm Breeds Frustration

Overwhelm is a breeding ground for frustration.

But keeping up this feeling isn’t a healthy way of life. Depression, anxiety, and anger towards those closest to you always follows. And hurt only follows that. From you and from them.

Frustration has to be released. Let go of and thrown in the trash.

And you can do that. You can break down the walls that you’ve built. The most awesome part is bonds can be reformed and strengthened – if you just MOVE it!

You Gotta MOVE It, Move It!

You’ve had that happy dance feeling before, right? When Madagascar comes on and you see that hippo shaking her groove thang, you know you feel that beat moving you, too!

And that’s a good thing.

Moving and exercising is your body’s way of shrugging off those “I want to bury my head in the sand blues.” Your brain starts doing wonderful things with your hormones and stress levels when it picks up on those beasts entering your ears and that
increased heart pumping action.

Feel good hormones linger in our systems after a pounding exercise session that helps alter our views on the situations around us and make them less stressful.

That alone is enough to make you want to Move it! Move it! Imagine: Living a life you love – frustrations and all – because you can now manage your feelings and your stress so much better!

The Answer Is Simple

Move it! Move it!

Seriously, as a freelance writer, mama of three babes, and our Chief Home Executive, I was drowning. And I couldn’t find a way out.

Until we joined a gym.

Then, I got my exercise in, the kids got to play with other kids for a while, and hubby and I spent time boosting our brains together. It was awesome!

We were all in better moods. We all looked forward to our exercise time. And fighting was slashed in half. (THAT’s a huge accomplishment for the 5 hot heads living under our roof!)

But alas, the gym is no longer an option. And it may not be for you.

But exercise is still the answer. Since we’ve left the gym, we’ve taken up walking as a family, playing soccer, regular dance sessions, and races. And we’ve maintained that energized outlook even through hardships and turmoil thanks to our Madagascarian Fit Breaks!

Resolve to Squeeze It In

Make your own fitness fun for your family and start dancing your way to bliss today!

Nothing brings ear-to-ear smiles and laughter like Madagascar’s “Move It! Move It!”

Set it up on a Youtube playlist and listen to it 3-4 times or mix it up with some of your family’s favorites.

Or try different activities and see which ones get the most smiles!

Just commit to spending as little as 15 minutes everyday with your family doing a fitness activity that you love together (or give that Madagascar tune a try). After two weeks, you’ll find that you crave that time to forget frustrations and bond with your loving peeps. Your mood will be better. Their moods will be better. And you’ll finally be able to get your work done – AND satisfy their needs, too! Just imagine the bliss!


Tania Dakka blogs at Fit Freelancer where she also writes for writers and businesses alike that need awesome sales copy and copywriting services that convert clicks into cash.

5 thoughts on “The Madagascar Guide to Bliss

  1. Meg says:

    I know the “I want to bury my head in the sand” blues feeling! That really clicked. I’ll definitely remember to turn to exercise next time I feel that way and I’m trying to be more fit overall to avoid that feeling in the first place. Thanks for the fun reminder to get movin’!

    • Thanks for commenting, Meg! It’s hard to get into exercise when you feel bad, but once you can start it – it sooo rocks! Your journey to be more fit will really play a part in your emotions – All the best! AND KEEP MOVING IT! 😀

  2. This is such fun, Tania… And I love that moment from Madagascar, it is the best… Move it! Move it! LOL… “Overwhelm is a breeding ground for frustration”… that is so true. I know what I feel like I have too much piled on my plate, I fee enormously frustrated and sometimes even confused–not a good combo. My yoga practice keeps me sane in sooo many ways. And I love to dance while I’m in my studio painting… I like to move it! ;o)

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Tracy! Yoga is such a wonderful practice! Keep up your wonderfully blissful ways! Painting, dancing and yoga are super outlets to express your emotions and creativity! All the best!

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