The Magic Begins Within

Living Bliss Under An Angel Sky


Christmas had an extra dash of magic when my nephew J was a young whippersnapper.

Near hidden in the branches of the tree would be an elf sitting close to the trunk.

And never in the same spot twice!

Elf would call out to J and his eyes would grow wide peering into the tree to find where elf was sitting.

The lively conversations that ensued, as most all exchanges with elves tend to be, transported us all into a world overflowing with magical joy.


Stumbling upon Dinovember last year pulled me headlong back into the enchanting world where magic exists all over again.



As did listening to the chatter in the salon about the homemade versions of Elf On The Shelf while getting my hair cut.



Even watching a West Jet commercial stirs up the wonderment.



Watching kids (of all ages) get caught up in the magic of other worlds is a direct line to joy.

But all too easily we forget we are not just observers.

The magic began within us.


To create enchantment for another means we had to become enchanted ourselves.

We might be inclined to call our efforts creativity and leave it at that.

What creativity doesn’t capture is the infusion of childlike anticipation, giddiness and imaginations of when our creations are first seen.

Enchantment gives us permission to dive into the silly or fantastical beyond the boundaries and boxes of reality.


Yet once seen, our reality changes.

We’re inspired to see even more out of what wasn’t there before.

Enchantment is the fairy dust sprinkling atop the path to making possibilities come true.




Wednesdays are your personal invitation to look into the everyday, as well as the philosophical, in order to see where we’re already Living Bliss. As the Life we seek becomes part of our normal day-to-day, we can easily forget we’ve found ourselves as we work, live and play.


Lorraine Watson Follow Your Light

Blissed by cats, potatoes and clouds, Lorraine is a “curious left-brained creative big picture idea” type who never stops questioning or connecting the dots to make possibilities come true. She uses her knack for combining intuitive abilities and logic to help you hear the inner whispers “there’s something more” and re-ignite what Lights you up. Lorraine’s deepest wish is for you to be full out yourself in everything you do – a life truly lived in bliss. You can also join her weekly look into the everyday with Letters From Home.




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