The path of remembrance that each of us walks

Linda Adsetts and The Group are here with their weekly Go for the Joy message. Enjoy!

“The Path to Love” 4 circuit labyrinth sculpture
by Jane of The Path Unwinding

The Group’s tag line is Go For The Joy and doesn’t that include fun? The funny thing is that when they first started closing my writing with this, I wasn’t having so much fun!

Do you think they were trying to tell me something?

I am fortunate to have them there for guidance and support when things get a little bumpy and always the message has been to lighten up and not take my life so seriously. I did not always pay attention, to my detriment!

I discovered that when I forget to follow my bliss (smile) and go for the joy, that my health, my relationships to everyone and everything were impacted in a less than desirable way.

Through my writing about my life in the past few years I was able to access their wisdom and commentary on it. The message was always the same. The wording would be a little differently each time as they strived to have me hear their message. Their love for me and all of humanity always shines through.

How is it that I forget how wonderful I and you, are and how wonderful life is?

That is the path of remembrance that each of us walks. We are a piece of God expressing itself on planet earth in the myriad of expressions that abound. None is less than the other. None of us is more right than another.

And so they are coming in with this. You need not judge yourselves so harshly dear ones! For it is in the judgment you forget who you are. You are not judgeable and nor is anyone else.

Each of you is walking your way home and you are not alone in the walking. There are billions of you on planet earth for a reason. Underneath all the perceived differences, you are all light and love.

It is the differences that add the spice and provide the contrasts so that you can remember who you are. What would love do now and now and now and now. There is only one moment that matters and in that moment of now, you get to choose again.

What would love do now-for yourself and for other beings and for the beautiful planet that you are living on?

Sometimes love can only do so much in that moment, sometimes it is veiled with judgment, guilt, fear and loathing and sometimes it shines through bright and clear. We have no condemnation for you. We do not judge you. We see who you are and we are in sheer delight as we witness what is unfolding.

There is far more light and love on your planet than anything else. It is growing minute, by minute, hour by hour, day by day, month by month and year by year.

Cast your memories back a little and remember how love has overcome fear in parts of the world. Walls came tumbling down, peace treaties were rendered and countries and people have stepped up to feed the poor, educate the children, protect the citizenry and the other beings on the planet. All of this is a relatively short period of time.

Strides were made in medicine, business, governments and technology and continue to be made. The pendulum has swung and will swing again as populations choose something else again, as love overcomes all the fear. You will see such wonders in the next ten years that you will look back and wonder why you were sometimes so afraid!

We ask you to focus on the goodnesses and kindnesses and spread the good news. Stop watching the news if it makes you feel afraid and look around you and see what is love. It is all love even the things that do not look like love.

Those most especially are love striving to be born. Will this do it? What about that? Do you see me? Am I love?

Your only response is to see with your God eyes and with your God heart and say yes! I see you! I see who you are underneath all the fear, all the questions, all the anguish and I promise to try my best to see you, the you who is love and light as I am. You may have faltered and missed the mark but you will figure it out. I will hold the light for you when you cannot do it for yourself.

This is the gift you have to offer and the gift that we hold for you. We tell you that each and every one of you are magnificent beings of light and love. You are all divine appointments for each other. Now what will you do with that?

Perhaps you might choose joy?

We encourage you to choose the joy, follow your bliss secure in the knowledge that the path is smoother when you do. When you are having fun you are joyful and you radiate love and well being. Your bodies delight in it, your relationships delight in it, your finances delight in it and the planet breathes a sigh of relief.

Oh, mother earth says, they have remembered; there is nothing they need do but be who they are as do birds and bees, the trees and the grass, the cows and chickens, the rocks and the sand, the oceans and rivers, the sun and the moon…..just be who you are. There is no need to fear or judge yourself so harshly. Where is the fun in that?

What is done is done and you cannot undo the past by ruminating upon it but we have news for you, good news for you.
You can undo the effects of your past by being more joyful and allowing.

Now what will you do with that dear ones, magnificent ones?

Perhaps you might choose joy?

Go For The Joy
Linda and The Group



Linda Adsetts is a  healer, medium, psychic reader, channeller and writer. She receives channelled guidance and inspiration from The Group, a gathering of spirit who teach that our souls’ path is best expressed when we come from a place of joy. You can read how Linda got started down this fascinating path here and on her website where she shares daily messages from The Group.

Join her each Friday on Bliss Habits for an inspiring take on each of the habits.


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