The Rite Of Passage Through Grieving

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Don’t protect the past


Well, that’s an odd direction for inspiration to take when we’re looking at grieving.

Isn’t that what grieving is about – lost connections to the past?

Can’t say I’ve grieved for the future, although now thinking of such a concept, it’s not too far fetched.


Don’t protect the past” first appeared, and obviously stuck, a couple of weeks ago watching the Clinton Global Initiative plenary session Reimagining Impact (see 04:52)

This was Ginni Rometty’s, CEO of IBM, first rule of three for those who desire constant reinvention.


Dots began to align.

To live a bliss full life is to essentially live a life of reinvention.

The more we change and expand our awareness, the less of our old self we become.


Growing up we call these rites of passage.

We eagerly anticipate and celebrate these important stages of stepping into the new and separating ourselves from who we were before.

As adults we tend towards holding on to what we have been and what we know.

We don’t stop growing, but we do stop celebrating and openly stepping into our next life that is calling.


Grieving Is A Process


Grieving is the process of letting go and leaving behind.

Grieving is also the process of opening ourselves to the unknowns of what lies ahead.

Life moves on, never behind.

Trying to remain the same is the fuel of struggle and the death of what can be.

Of who we can be.


When we change, others are drawn into the tension too.

Family dinners aren’t the same.

Time spent with friends is different.

What we yearn for is not what we had.


Could grieving then, be another rite of passage to help us remember, but not protect the past.

To allow Life to flow forward, as Life always will, and to remain in the flow of where change can take us when we allow.

Despite how seemingly backwards the idea might be, perhaps grieving is a process of celebrating our deep caring for others in order to find new ways be together.




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