The state of the Bliss Habits union address

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I have been thinking about putting together a list of the Bliss Habits features, to make available to new and old  followers of the blog. I plan to include it as part of the get acquainted information under the “about” this blog tab or possibly in the “if you are new click here” tab to help people get acclimated with what is available. Suggestions on how to do so elegantly and succinctly will be gratefully accepted. Really, anything that occurs to you as you read through this I want to hear!! And with that call to arms understood I offer the Current and near future state of Bliss Habits:

Available Today:

  • Easy navigation. All material on the individual Bliss Habits is grouped together under it’s own tab. All the habits are listed across the top of the page.No need to sift through hundreds of posts to find your topic of interest.
  • Resource Pages are being developed for each Bliss Habit with the intention of becoming your “go to spot” for inspiration and tips for cultivating the specific habit right now. Check out the JOY Resource Page for my first pass at a resource page) Please offer suggestions for material that should be included!
  • Bliss Trips. Located in the side bar on the Bliss Habits site, Bliss Trips are meditations, updated daily, designed to take a few minutes and increase your experience of bliss today.
  • Guest Bloggers. In an effort to share a variety of opinions I try to have a guest blogger each week. I think the variety is fun and I love the opportunity to delve into another point of view. (If you would like to guest blog on any of the Habit topics please let me know!)
  • Saturday Blog Hops – designed to let EVERYONE chime in on the topic. I scour the internet and find three , new to me, destinations that speak to the topic and invite everyone to share new and old posts on the topic. This is a great way for bloggers to give new life to favorite old posts and introduce their blogs to the growing Bliss Habits crowd.
  • Facebook Page. The community hot spot for all Bliss Habits fans. I am on Facebook several times a day so you can expect a return comment to everything you post over there! Please feel free to share anything you feel is topical on the wall and chime in on all discussions!

Coming Soon:

  • Monday Bliss Initiatives. Because It was my intention to share all the  Bliss Initiatives (concrete things you can try to increase your experience of the Bliss Habit immediately) on the resource pages I stopped sharing them (as I did on the old Everyday Bliss blog) at the beginning of each week and as a result I stopped practicing them!! It is time to rectify this! Going forward, on Monday’s I will let you know which of the Bliss Initiatives I will be practicing for the upcoming week. Play along, pick your own or just follow along as you wish!
  • Tuesday’s with Chel. I am so excited to announce that starting next week, Joy Week,, Chel Micheline will become a regular contributor over here at Bliss Habits.  We loved her guest posts on Gratitude and Humility so I asked her if she would like to chime in on all the topics and she delightfully agreed!
  • Resource Pages for every Bliss Habit. These have been “under construction” for too long! My plan is to bring each resource page on line during the week in which we are studying that virtue. Look for the new and improved JOY Resource Page next week!
  • Bliss Habits Newsletter. Estimating an October start date, the newsletter will be a weekly wrap up of all the best Bliss Habit finds from the blog, Facebook page and internet at large. Additional guest posts and material not previously shared on the blog will be included. (Sign up here so you don’t miss a thing.)
  • Facebook Updates. There are several Facebook features I haven’t  even begun to explore and I am interested in getting some more discussion fostered over there so look for some fun additions soon!

And possibly more to come!! This is your “state of the Bliss Habits union” address for now. As our community grows, I expect I’ll be adding more features and options for everyone to enjoy.

As ever, if you think I’ve missed something or would like to see something added, do let me know.

Now my Hiatus week starts in earnest as my family and I head out to the house of mouse… Look for my patriotic kick off to Joy Week on Monday and I’ll look forward to catching up with everyone next week!


3 thoughts on “The state of the Bliss Habits union address

  1. Anything that gets people to think of bliss just has to be good.
    Even if they can’t find it in thier lives right now they will have to go inside and look for it. Probably to find they just forgot it was there!

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