The Utter Astonishment of Presence

“Birds” by Tamara Magnitsky


Wow. Look at that cat. There is no question, that cat is 100% present in the moment. Animals and children usually are but how often can you say the same for your self? If I am to be honest, I have no less then 5 things competing for my attention at this very moment. I need to finish this post, I need to select a contest winner, I have a call in an hour I’d like to prepare for, I need to pick up before the cleaners get here– anytime now!… and more! I am not really here with all of it. Everything is swirling around in a big “need to” pile and I am missing out on actually being here.

January provides a clue. What will it take to be in the moment?

After 20 Minutes of Solo Ecstatic Dancing on my Living Room Floor

by January Handl

I have been given such gifts
words choke in my throat
as I reach,
I stretch, bend and shake
toward expressing
the utter astonishment
the deep wonder
the overpowering gratitude
at this moment
I am


For January, the dancing brought her there. Allowing ecstasy, feeling the movement in her body gave her the gift of being present. Sometimes that is exactly what we need, to shake things up and give ourselves the chance to be in the moment. If you don’t have the time to give yourself the gift of a twenty minute dance then try something else.

  • Stop for a minute and breathe. Breathe in deeply. (more on the power of breath here)
  • Take a slow deliberate sip of your favorite beverage.
  • Chew your food slowly and enjoy every bite.
  • Try driving in the slow lane and noticing the scenery.
  • Turn your phone off and give your self 10 minutes fully alone.

Be like that cat and see if you can take full notice of things around you and just be in the moment.

Me? I’m going to have a sip of that coffee beside me and I’m going to BE awake before moving to any “what’s next.” I shall be inviting the “utter astonishment” of presence with each sip.

How about you? How will you invite Presence today?


2 thoughts on “The Utter Astonishment of Presence

  1. Mindful dancing, I love that! Mindfulness is part of my daily practice, and I enjoy mindful eating especially. I try for 12-20 meditation practice daily, most weeks. And I’m a big advocate of turning off all technology in the evenings for an hour or two–that alone really recharges the mind, body & spirit. My cat Charlie also teaches me much about mindfulness daily–he’s such a good teacher! :o)

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