There is always something, until you are done.

Linda Adsetts and The Group are here with their weekly Go for the Joy message. Enjoy!

“Shadow of Truth” by Cate Robbins


I have recently discovered that as I become more of me that I am not as obsessive about order, but only in certain aspects of my daily life. (smile)

My home is fairly orderly and when I can’t find a knife, I shrug my shoulders, knowing that it will turn up somewhere and sometime. My paper files are ordered. That is more important to me because it means that I don’t waste my energy looking for needed paperwork.

We recently underwent a CRA audit, IRS, to the Americans reading this. My saving grace was the files that were orderly kept. Unfortunately the accounting firm, whom I gave a critical file to, was not as orderly. The file is missing in action. Thankfully, I was able to replace most of it.

Missing in action-what does that conjure up for some of you? What parts of your life are in disorder and why is it? If I were to ask you find a bank statement from six months ago, would you be able to and would you even need to? I have to because we have a business. Before that, I am not even sure I kept any for that long!

Wherever there is disorder in your life that causes you to waste energy looking for an important or even a critically needed piece of something, is an area that is screaming at you to pay attention.

How many of you have been scurrying at the last minute looking for something as you are on the way out the door? Where is it? I am going to be late!!

Despite my orderly approach to paperwork I have experienced just that. Ugh!! It is frustrating beyond belief! But, guess what? This area of finance is exactly the area in my life that I am busy healing. I am much better at it than I used to be! I gave myself a pat on the back when the accountant looked at my files and told me that most people hand him a shoebox. (smile)

“Wherever you are in resistance to anything is where the speed bumps of life show up. You see dear ones you wanted to be in on the reality of planet earth. Some of you waited a long time to do the dance again. You came for the experiences and some of you came to clean up the bits from the last few lives.

There is always something, until you are done. But you are not done. So there you are muddling along in some aspects and soaring in others. Some of it is all ease and some of it has so many speed bumps that you feel like you are in perpetual school zone. You are. You chose the experiences in order to be clear and at ease with every aspect of life on planet earth.

Sometimes it is money, sometimes it is love, sometimes it is relationships, sometimes it is business, sometimes it is……..well dear ones, the playgrounds are many and varied. Sometimes they overlap and sometimes they don’t.

There is one defining factor that weaves through all of it. Love. There is nothing but love that underlies everything, no matter what you are up to. Sometimes you don’t remember and sometimes you are sunk up to your neck in it. We remember for you. It is always about love and if you let yourselves believe that then it will show itself to you clearly and easily.

You, each of you are magnificent beings of light and love PERIOD, regardless what you are up to in your playgrounds. PROMISE. But, we suggest you remember to play nice with each other… is so much more fun that way!

Go For The Joy

Linda and The Group



Linda Adsetts is a  healer, medium, psychic reader, channeller and writer. She receives channelled guidance and inspiration from The Group, a gathering of spirit who teach that our souls’ path is best expressed when we come from a place of joy. You can read how Linda got started down this fascinating path here and on her website where she shares daily messages from The Group.

Join her each Friday on Bliss Habits for an inspiring take on each of the habits.


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