Try this Kindness Experiment

So I was preparing for Kindness week I happened to notice my Twitter Pal @LisaLandtroop was promoting a Kindness Movement! How brilliant!! AND who better to chime in on our topic? I’m just thrilled she said yes to stopping by and I’m sure you will be too!

Let’s do an experiment together. 

Think of someone you know when you look at each of the words listed below.




Now, who did you think of?

Why did you think of that person? What character traits do they have that make you think of them? Are they always the epitome of “kindness?”

Were you able to think of more than one person (a different person for each word, maybe?) or did only one person come to your mind for all three words?

Did you think of yourself? Why? Or why not?

I do think of myself as kind and kind-hearted. But I also think of two wonderful friends when I see the words kind-hearted and kind-spirited. They exude kindness and when I see those words I see these two terrific ladies in my mind’s eye.


One of these cherished friends is always smiling, always upbeat, always positive about how her life is going. She never seems to be down. Ever. Even when she went through a divorce and chose to be the one to move out of the house. Not even when she had to rent a small apartment until she could afford to rent a house big enough for her and her three boys. She’s cheerful, friendly, outgoing, exuberant. She’s always, always, always smiling. She glows. Even when she was over 300 pounds! Now she’s lost a ‘whole person’ and her true inner beauty shows on the outside too. She’s just one of those people who you meet and think, “Geesh, I’m pathetic and selfish! How can I possibly continue to feel like I have anything to whine about when I look at how she handles everything life throws at her?”

When I see the word kind-spirited, I see her beautiful smile and her upbeat attitude. I think of how she is always talking, always smiling, always a friend. Dang! I miss her right now – I think I’ll call her today!

My other dear friend is always moving, always going, always doing….and frequently it is to help someone else, to spend time with someone, to do for others what they sometimes can’t do for themselves. I know, without fail, that if I need her help she will be there. She is frequently described by others as a social butterfly, and she is. But her reasons for always being there for her friends and loved ones are not important compared to the fact that she is a constant – someone you can count on in this crazy, mixed up, self-driven world we live in.

She is the best example of kind-hearted I have ever met in my 45 years on this planet.

But why did I think of myself when I saw the word kind? I don’t necessarily bend over backwards to help others, I sometimes hideout in my house, reclusively. That makes me feel selfish. I’m broken, my son died. So please don’t judge me harshly for not being able to do everything for everyone that I feel I should – I’m just still healing.

However, I do what I can, every day, every week and every month to help others around me, to support them. I am the most supportive person I know. It comes from having the best friends in the whole world to show me, by their actions, how to be consistently kind and supportive and thoughtful and generous.

So how about you? Who did you think of? Why?

Is their kindness something you feel compelled to emulate? Do you wish you could be as kind as your friend, your neighbor or your sister?

You can!

It only takes one small action, and then another, and then shortly after that….yes, you got it, another! And soon you’ll find that you have become an example of kindness, and that others notice it too. Does that mean people will try to take advantage of your kindness, I doubt that. But if they do, you still know how to say “Sorry, but I’ll have to say no this time,” in your very kindest voice 🙂

You’ve heard of the phrase “commit random acts of kindness.” I subscribe to that philosophy.

Oh, I’ll randomly pay for the person behind me at the toll gate or the fast food drive-thru. I clean up trash that blew into a neighbor’s yard, or pick up their trash cans from the curb and pull them up to their garage door. It’s random, out of the blue acts like this that cause people to say that I am ‘kind.’ But I know the real reason that I am considered kind is because I care. I genuinely care about the trials and pains that human-kind suffers.

Life’s way too short to be miserable and to not “be the change you want to see in the world” – Gandhi.

Think about it – if you do one kind thing for someone today – how good will that make YOU feel inside?

Try it! 

Then tell us all about it!!


Lisa Landtroop writes on the Take Your Life Back blog as well as Top Pioneers Of Change. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. She recently quit a six-figure job to spend more time at home with her family and is filling her new-found free time with freelance copywriting, editing, and consulting. She is also learning every day how to exude a life filled with kindness. Check out the ‘Be Kinder Movement‘ on her blog.

8 thoughts on “Try this Kindness Experiment

    • Thank you so much for your ‘kind’ words (see we can keep the kindness movement going and going and going!).

      I am truly inspired by my friends, it’s like a great network or community that comes together. When I’m down, they lift my spirits up, and vice-versa. Then I see how they respond and react when things don’t go their way….that they are consistently kind to others, even when they would have good reason to just be grumpy. That helps me keep in things in check and keep wanting to be kind – it’s a part of something that I enjoy and embrace.

  1. Lisa, awesome post and idea!
    Kym and I always try to aim to do some random act of kindness every week. We have fun talking about it and the results it brings.
    I also have found that being kind in business is one of the best ideas I have ever tried. I have given a lot of my services for free and some I just charge very very little. And somehow I now enjoy a good income. That’s why i think kindness is a great business model. 🙂
    Again, thanks for such an inspiring and helpful post.

    • Alejandro –

      What a fabulous example of how kindness bestows kindness. Good begets good. You are definitely a shining example of how to appreciate your customers and clients as humans, not as cash machines. I love your feedback!

      Have a terrific day!


  2. What a great post!

    No, I didn’t think of myself. I think I’m kind but not really kind-spirited, if that makes any sense. The people that I did think of are the people I’ve never heard say a bad word about anybody.

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