Want some #whimsy fun? Try Flash Inspiration Today!

I started doing this terrifically fun thing when I decided to study WHIMSY as a part of my bliss project. I was looking for a way to find and consider whimsy of all kinds and came up with the idea of a FLASH INSPIRATION.

How this works is you take an idea or item of interest, pair it with the word whimsical and do a search in google or other search engine. What I like about this process is that the search itself nets some really fun and interesting ideas. The remarkable part is that the process gets one thinking in new and interesting ways.

I did a whimsical search on drinks once and as a result hatched an entire surprise event to share with my Sweetie. When I don’t know how to entertain my daughter, like during this week when she has been home sick, a search on whimsical kid crafts netted simple and fun bookmarks made from buttons. My girl and I made these and then moved on to making bracelets and necklaces… it was fun.

The options for fun are really endless. Go ahead, give it a try.

Still not convinced?

Here are a few more of mine:


Inspired by my Daughter’s interest in clay I searched  “whimsical clay” and the first thing to show up was “whimsical clay houses.” Here is the Wiggly House by Tod Van Duren.



Next up, I searched “whimsical gifts” and found Catching Fireflies which promises whimsical goodies to brighten your day.  Some fun quirky items including:

I particularly love the bone shaped paper clips!

The search “Whimsical Fire” and found this photo called Whimsical Fire Works by Brian Trainor:


And typing Whimsical without anything else revealed whimsical quotes in a drop down menu. Whimsical Wits offered the following:

“Preposition: An enormously versatile part of grammar, as in ‘What made you pick this book I didn’t want to be read to out of up for?'”
~ Winston Churchill ~

“What’s my loftiest ambition? I’ve always wanted to throw an egg into an electric fan.”
~ Oliver Herford ~

“I wanted to be an atheist, but I gave it up. They have no holidays.”
~ Henry Youngman ~



Thinking about some craft projects  and the subsequent cleanup led me to these aprons by Milalu and gloves by La Doux – The  girl’s gotta have it!


And check out this Whimsical House I found at Trendir Modern House Designs:

I’m ready to move in now! Wow! Do click on the link to see all the photos from this amazing house!


Now it is your turn! What whimsy did you find? Share it with us here in a comment or over on the Facebook Page!



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