Welcome to The Magic Of The Mundane!

Hi everyone! Kathy here, on a Thursday announcing our new Tuesday feature! LOL I really had planned on getting this to you earlier and on a Tuesday, but I’ve been crazy busy on a secret project I will reveal to you very soon, so it just didn’t happen! Anyway, I am just tickled to death to have the fabulous Lisa of Being Breath joining us for the next Bliss Habits cycle. As you may have seen in the schedule  Chel will be taking the winter off and Lisa has graciously offered to fill our Tuesdays with inspiration.

This is what she has planned:




I’m delighted to be in the Bliss Habits space, contemplating and practicing these fabulous ways of being each week.


About The Magic Of The Mundane

This series will follow right along with the weekly habits.  Each Tuesday, I’ll offer a story, images, and practical tips on incorporating that week’s habit into your daily life. 



It is easy to think of these Blissful habits as something to do later, when circumstances are a bit different or perhaps you have more time to practice.  But NOW is the only time in which you can create your reality.  These seemingly dull or routine moments of washing dishes, driving, parenting, working, checking email…they are all opportunities for practice.  And as we practice through the lenses of adventure, serenity, creativity, and more, we find a deeper magic in even the most mundane of activities.



About Lisa Renee Wilson

I am honored to be your host for this journey!  I am an Awareness Artist who shares her world work through Being Breath (www.BeingBreath.com).  As a parent, artist, contemplative, meditator, yoga practitioner, introvert, runner, blogger, photographer, and iced-chai addict, I practice the art of mindful awareness throughout all of my daily activities.  From playing with perspectives to playing in paint, no moments are off limits for exploration.


You can learn more about me over at BeingBreath.com, connect over on FacebookPinterest, or Twitter, or just stay tuned to hear insightfully honest stories right here at Bliss Habits!


As I like to end all of my posts, and meaning, “I see and acknowledge the divine nature within you that is the same divine nature within me“….or more simply, “My divine within says “Hey!  Nice to see ya!” to your divine“,




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