We’re Speaking of Thrift! Won’t you share your favorite tips?!

Thrift – The delight and joy of frugal wisdom, the ability to thrive with less.


Welcome to the Saturday blog Party. This weeks topic is Thrift which means we are looking for everything and anything on the topic.  Your attempts and victories, strategies and struggles for being thrifty. How to … literally everything and anything on the topic!

I’ll start things off with three posts that I think speak beautifully on the topic:

Thrifty Resolution Ideas for 2011 – Ok so the year is more than half over but it is never too late to implement some of Kasey’s tips. Her Thrifty Little Blog is jam packed with great ideas and this post is a good spot to start!

From the Thrifty Chicks archives –  This post via The Thrfty Chicks rocks! “It appears that many misconstrue ‘frugality’ with ‘miserly’ which means to compromise, be stingy and parsimonious, connoting unhappiness in saving money. To be frugal, by simple definition, is to not be wasteful,” she explains. “By living thrift, we are not depraved.”

Thrift Is Almost Impossible- And It’s Not Your Fault – A fascinating history lesson by Paul Rosenberg of Global Speculations. “Thrift is far more important than is commonly understood, and I will be explaining why in a future dispatch, but the first we need to dispel the guilt many of us feel about thrift.”

Here are the rules for this party:

  1. Share NEW and OLD posts on the topic. This is your chance to share your favorite posts. If they fit the topic and you think we could benefit it doesn’t matter when you wrote it. Wisdom is timeless!
  2. Share your’s and other’s posts! Ran across a timely tidbit? Let us hear about it too! When sharing someone else’s posts please designate this and  say submitted by using your name or blog name.
  3. Leave a comment after posting letting us know why you think the post is worth our time. We are building a knowledge library and your context makes it all the more valuable!
  4. Have Fun! I hope to make this party a fun and valuable addition to your weekend blog hopping.

I’m looking forward to visiting all the treasures YOU add to the collection!
Outrageous joy,

P.S. Next week we will be “Speaking of Flexibility” and collecting posts on that Bliss Habit!

3 thoughts on “We’re Speaking of Thrift! Won’t you share your favorite tips?!

  1. Hey, thanks for letting us post our links! I shared an article I wrote a while ago about healthy and easy to cook meals for people on a budget. I like being able to make a meal out of things just laying around in the refrigerator.

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