What if growth was about asking questions?

Linda Adsetts and The Group are here with their weekly Go for the Joy message. Enjoy!

“Growth” by Kristopher Lake

This week’s topic is so very apt for me. I have just completed an Access Consciousness Level 2 & 3, four day event in Toronto. What is another word for growth? Access Consciousness. This is about growth through expanding consciousness for the being that is me or you. (smile)

Each day I received another aha moment that slam dunked me into a knowing of the growth that I had done and nudged me into more growth. I have spent the last year discovering who I am.

Most people, and that included me for many years, think that we are our roles, our sex and or our jobs. We base this on the multiple levels of information that we have received in this lifetime and if you believe in previous lives, and I do, from those lives as well. It is a multi colored tapestry that we have created, but in the doing of that we forget that we are beings who just have to be.

During my lives, I have through osmosis taken on the many, many, many viewpoints of others and not always known what is true for me. We think that growth is learning a new skill and that can be part of it, but what if growth was about asking questions of ourselves and of life? What if there was far more to us than we are willing to admit or claim?

This past year, my husband and I had a defining moment in our marriage that caused me to respond with this; I don’t want to live like this anymore, I can’t do it and I won’t do it! There has to be more!

The more began to reveal itself as I was willing to sit in question and come to no conclusion in those moments of deep emotions, fears and unknowing. Bless my husband, because he sat there with me and we worked through it in a rather unconventional way. I came to know that it is always about me and for him, it was always about him.

We only have our own perspectives and viewpoints and the best relationships in life, be it with our husbands, children, parents or co-workers, come in the allowing of each other to be who they be. When we begin to judge each other by our standards then we invite judgement of ourselves too.

What if we could simply look at another and let them be. What if we when found ourselves heading down the judgment path, we simply stopped ourselves and said to ourselves, hmmmm, interesting point of view?

It is the rubbing up against each other that causes the upsets. We want everyone to think like we think most of the time. We want others to behave like we behave and the closer the relationships the more that seems to become important.

What if we didn’t make them wrong or ourselves wrong? What if it wasn’t simply an interesting point of view and from that point we get to choose our next step. By the way, the next step isn’t making them wrong and us right even though that can seem so darn satisfying in the moment.(smile)

My husband and I are closer than ever and our marriage is more fun. I would say that is a good thing. Is it perfect? No. But it is pretty darn interesting and fun and affectionate most of the time. I would say that is a whole lot of growth in a short period of time and it keeps on keeping on. That my friends is called life. We can resist it or we can flow with it. Personally, I prefer the flow, it is way easier!

The Group has applauded my growth and has offered their encouragement when I felt unable to carry on. “You have a cheering team too! The voices in your head that judge you are not useful. Our voices are always loving and encouraging. There is never judgment. There is always allowance. Each of you magnificent beings are blessed to be on planet earth. You are the ones who are expanding the universes. You are the ones who are our heroes. You dear ones are far more magnificent than you give yourself credit for. Can you feel the love behind those words…can you feel the deep gratitude we have for you?

Each moment is an opportunity for you to reveal yourself to you. Each moment is an opportunity to stand fully in your light without apology. You are the gift. And they are the gift too.You are presents to unwrap for each other. Sometimes the unwrapping has to wait until the time is more appropriate and sometimes, mostly, the time is now. What if who you are inside, the one who judges nothing, including yourself, the real you under all the cow dung you have heaped upon yourselves, is the gift that will change some one’s life? What if your very being is essential to this planet?

We tell you that it is! You are each of you magnificent beings of light and love all wrapped up waiting to be unwrapped! Don’t wait to long to reveal yourself to you…it is far more fun to just be who you be.

Go For The Joy!
Linda and The Group



Linda Adsetts is a  healer, medium, psychic reader, channeller and writer. She receives channelled guidance and inspiration from The Group, a gathering of spirit who teach that our souls’ path is best expressed when we come from a place of joy. You can read how Linda got started down this fascinating path here and on her website where she shares daily messages from The Group.

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