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Living Bliss - Christmas Wishes


Memories of Christmas growing up feel more like a photo album.

A snapshot here and a Polaroid there –

my best present ever – a metal barn yard set (obviously pre-Fisher Price),

standing in awe at the sight of Santa’s presents covering the floor from tree to couch (a rare Christmas with relatives),

eating the big turkey dinner in our pajamas,

ruining Christmas.


Yup, I ruined Christmas.

At least mine.


Not one for hunting out hiding spots to begin with,

that year I decided to be ‘sneaky’ and figure out all my presents.

By the time Christmas morning rolled around, I knew what was hidden beneath each and every wrapping.


The disappointment felt surreal.

Everything was exactly as it had been.

What happened?


Somewhere in my youthful mind the gifts were supposed to change and create surprise all over again.


I held out hope even though logically the truth was known.


Never. Again.

And never has.


What If

But I learned what Christmas was all about for me.





The magic of not knowing.


The last present opened was most dreaded of all moments.

Paper needed picking up, presents needed putting away, potatoes needed peeling and turkeys needed a baste.

Life returned to same old, same old normal.


Except in my mind.

The wonders of possibility are alive and thriving in there.

Or is that up there?

Maybe out there?


Many years have passed since we’ve done the Christmas thing.

No tree, no decorations, no gifts exchanged, no big dinner.

Total relaxation without a schedule.


Yet every Christmas Eve while falling asleep, I think of Santa Claus.

And wonder.

What if …


I still believe.


In the wonder.

The magic.

The possibilities.


They know no age.

Or time.


This Christmas I wish you

one present left unopened

to remind you,

and inspire you,

to believe in the magic,

and the wonder,

and the possibilities

held in each day

so nothing will ever be truly normal again.



Living Bliss is a jump-in-with-both-feet look at where Life bumps into the everyday – whether at work, play or times in between. Bliss knows no separation in the end. From a deeper dive into the ordinary pops forward the extraordinary life we search for – and has been there waiting for us to be.


Lorraine Watson Follow Your Light

Blissed by cats, potatoes and clouds, Lorraine is a “left-brained creative big picture idea” type who never stops questioning or connecting the dots to make real what isn’t yet seen. She uses her knack for combining intuitive abilities and logic to help re-ignite what Lights you up inside and make real “there’s something more”. Lorraine’s deepest wish is for you to be full of yourself in everything you do – a life truly lived in bliss.


8 thoughts on “What If …

  1. Hi Kathy, Christmas day was fun for me this year – we did a “Secret Santa” where we pick names out of a hat before the day, and everyone buys one gift for 1 person. So, we get 2 surprises – one, we don’t know who it’s from and the other is the gift itself! My favorite christmases are when there’s children around and they’re all excited and playing with their toys!

  2. I remember as a child I found the presents for me on purpose and opened them…that ruined Christmas and one year I accidentally threw some earrings away in the abundance of wrapping paper – hence why now I am far tidier with wrapping paper!!!!

  3. Hi Lorraine,
    that would have been an interesting lesson to learn.

    Keeping the mystery alive and the wonder for as long as possible?

    When my boys were pre teenagers they were not allowed in the the lounge once the decorations went up on Christmas eve until the morning. I enjoyed doing that because I remembered the wonder or entering the room with the tree and presents.

    Thank you so much for sharing this.
    To Mystery and Wonder

    P.S. Thank you, Kathy for this guest post!

  4. Hello Lorraine! Christmas has always been a magical time of year for me and is even more so now that i have grandchildren! I love that i have the opportunity to be part of it all.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Happy New Year!! Chery :))

  5. Hello Lorraine.
    Thank your for sharing your Christmas experience. I also sort of ruined Christmas for myself a bit when I was between 9 and 10 years old. I heard rustling paper in the living room of my house. I got up from bed to see what was happening, and found my mother wrapping one of the presents and putting it under the tree. I asked her, “mommy what are you doing?” She just looked at me startled and took me back to bed. Ha Ha. that was the last time that I ever believed in Santa Claus. Funny enough, I had just written my letter to Santa about things that I wanted. Ever since, i have somewhat lost the wonder that used to be there when Santa was real.
    Thank you again for sharing your experiences.

  6. Hi Kathy,

    This may sound like I’m nuts, but every Christmas Eve, I listen for Santa’s bells. People just shake their heads when I say this, but I do believe in magic of the season. You never know!

    I was never the kind of kid to open a present. I think just looking at them were more exciting than actually opening them up. OK so I was a little strange as a child. But I love surprises!

    Sometimes Christmas surprises don’t come in a box all wrapped up, but rather a special phone call from someone in your past. Or a surprise visit from a loved one.

    To me I just love giving! Random giving. When I lived in NYC I would go around and give gloves to the homeless. One year we volunteered at the Salvation Army to serve folks in need. The list goes on an on, but the best part of the season is a smile of a stranger, people getting in the “spirit” and so on.

    Take that one season and stretch it out throughout your life, and every day there is magic!


  7. Kathy,

    I have to say that the internet feels a bit like having unopened presents waiting to be opened. If I use just the right headline on a sales page or subject line on an email, if I create just the right product that my potential customers are searching for, if only…. then the world of wealthy possibilities, fame and fortune, will be mine. So I keep on striving, even if that never comes to pass. The dream remains….


    Dr. Erica

  8. I love all these different “ways of wonder” and the common threads woven throughout. Each are presents themselves! Wishing you all a wonder full year ahead and gathering again next year to see the wrapped gifts under the tree!

    Grateful for all your presence!


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