What is your threshold of respect?

Linda Adsetts and The Group are here with their weekly Go for the Joy message. Enjoy!

"Nuff respect" by Melissa Matthews
“Nuff respect” by Melissa Matthews


I have discovered that everyone has a slightly different attitude about respect. Some people easily feel disrespected and for other people it takes a whole lot of disrespecting before they even notice!

I fall into the latter category. It isn’t something that even matters too much to me. I prefer to appreciate the being in front of me and I hope that they will find it in them to do the same.

Do I slip up occasionally? You bet I do but mostly it is when I am unaware of what is actually going on!

Let me explain.

Everyone has a different threshold of respect or appreciation. It depends what their experiences have been and if their experience throughout their formative years has been one of being loved and appreciated and generally accepted for who they be, then their threshold is very high. They don’t easily take offence with someone’s remarks or actions.

They deeply know at a subconscious level that it isn’t about them. It is about the other.

If someone hasn’t received the loving and appreciation and the acknowledgement that is given to by loving parents in a way that matters to them, then they can and will take offence when they think they are being dissed. Often it doesn’t take very much at all. They have buttons that are close to the surface, that don’t see the world as being a loving world. They often cannot see that it is about the other person and not themselves.

Can we change?

Of course we can change! It is just a choice!

So, dear ones, when you are faced with the feelings of not being appreciated and not mattering to whoever is throwing it your way-celebrate-yes celebrate! You have in front of you an opportunity to sort through it all.

You can ask what does this mean to me?

What buttons are being pushed?

Is what they say or (have) done my truth about myself?

It never is dear ones, because if it is you don’t feel dissed you just notice and wonder what the dickens is going on here?

Is the other person feeling vulnerable? Is the other person feeling unloved? Is the other person feeling unappreciated?

Most often that is the case and if you notice that then you have the opportunity to show them in ways that matter to them, that they aren’t as horrible as they think they are.

Sometimes it is a losing battle and you may have to move on eventually or quickly. Only you can decide that but if you ask questions then you will know. By being in question you give yourself the opportunity to settle into awareness-into your intuition.

That will never steer you wrong dear ones.

So next time you feel that you aren’t getting any respect you might want to ask yourself-what is this all about?

We would tell you that you are not in joy because when you are in joy everyone wants to be around you-everyone appreciates you-mostly everyone-some are so far gone that it just pisses them off!

That shouldn’t stop you. You dear ones are joy beings under all the fears. It is simply who you are!

Go For The Joy
Linda and The Group


Linda Adsetts is a  healer, medium, psychic reader, channeller and writer. She receives channelled guidance and inspiration from The Group, a gathering of spirit who teach that our souls’ path is best expressed when we come from a place of joy. You can read how Linda got started down this fascinating path here and on her website where she shares daily messages from The Group.

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