What would it mean to trust your own magnificence?

Linda Adsetts and The Group are here with their weekly Go for the Joy message. Enjoy!

Earth’s Flow by Lisa Wilson
“At our core, we are all this life that flows. We often get disillusioned,
believing we are a wave that can leave the ocean.”



Trust is something that as very,very,very young children have. Nothing in our universe gives us cause to distrust. We come in as beautiful, infinite beings and we know it! We are infinite beings! What is not to trust?

Along the way, well meaning adults, peers and events begin to erode our innate sense of trust. We forget who we are and begin to buy into the illusion that we are not all one. Step by step, event by event on different levels for all of us, our sense of trust erodes. We begin to formulate what we can trust and can’t trust. We begin the process of separation from the many elements that is life on planet earth and everything that we have sensed beyond that.

Today I wrote a letter to a gentleman, who seemingly, used my mistake in forgetting to blind copy an e-mail and used part of my database to send out a invitation to an event he was facilitating. I wasn’t angry but I chose to use some mild angry energy to convey my disappointment in his choice. I was in a place where I wasn’t invested in the outcome. I trusted that it would all work out.

He replied quickly to my e-mail and followed up with a phone call. It turned out that people working with him had accidentally done it too. Darn technology! The e-mail and phone call were apologetic and he was willing to make it right. What more can you ask, than that?

I trust that he will. If I had used my energy to react to this event then I know the outcome would not have been so effortless.

We have to trust our awareness of the world around us but not be dictated by other people’s realities. We all have an awareness and often shrug it off as meaning nothing, only to find out if we had paid attention to it, our life could have been far easier!

Our very being as we land on planet earth comes in with an awareness of everything. Children and animals sense the energies  that surround them far more clearly than we do. They don’t question the awareness, they trust it, until well meaning others inform them that they are imagining things. I am sure each of you can remember an instance where you just knew what you knew, irregardless of what others were telling you. Would you be willing to begin to trust that knowing?

Here is a little tool you can use, from Access Consciousness, Ask if it is yours? If it feels light as a feather, it is true for you and if it feels heavy then there is a lie in there, somewhere for you. Maybe you can begin to trust what you know?

The Group has this for us;

Trust could unfold from what surrounds you if you let yourself be aware of what surrounds you. Trust your awareness and you can begin to trust your world. You trust in gravity. You trust in the sun rising every morning. You trust day turning into night. You trust in your nose to smell and your tongue to taste. Most of you trust your beating heart and your breath coming in and out.

If you could begin to expand your awareness of what is around you and of all the information that your body is receiving, your lives would change. You would settle into the knowing that you are a part of the whole. You could be like the elephant that seeks higher ground when the tide surges. You could be like the flock birds that fly as one. You could be aware that you are part of the one beating heart that is planet earth and a part of the pulse of the universe.

It includes everything and excludes nothing. That is who you are. What would it mean in your life to trust your own magnificence and in that trusting have the awareness that same magnificence resides in everything, including the parts that you deem wrong or bad? There is the rub for many of you.

When you can accept, that then your world will change. When you accept that being everything includes everything, but not choosing to express everything, then you will become as gods. That is the evolution occurring with life on planet earth.

It is a grand and glorious playground that you are in. You can only choose how you will play and let everyone else choose for themselves. In the allowing will be the great unfolding and that which is not of love will begin to healed and absorbed into the whole of love that everything is.

It doesn’t get any better than that and we sit with wonderment as we watch the process unfold. We know the ending will be joyous, but we do not know the how it will play out. You dear ones are still busy playing it all out. We trust in the outcome as should you. With that knowing-check it out-light or heavy-maybe the only thing to do is….

Go For Your Joy

Linda and The Group



Linda Adsetts is a  healer, medium, psychic reader, channeller and writer. She receives channelled guidance and inspiration from The Group, a gathering of spirit who teach that our souls’ path is best expressed when we come from a place of joy. You can read how Linda got started down this fascinating path here and on her website where she shares daily messages from The Group.

Join her each Friday on Bliss Habits for an inspiring take on each of the habits.

3 thoughts on “What would it mean to trust your own magnificence?

  1. Your posts always resonate so beautifully, Linda–very inspiring! For the past two years I’ve been to honor myself more and place JOY more at the forefront of daily living… it has blessed my life so much. :o)

  2. What a beautiful post that has given me much food for thought. Trust is a big issue with me. But what you have said here is simple and so true. I will definitely try to apply some of these principles. Thank you, Linda and Kathy. And thank you, Kathy, for sharing Lisa’s absolutely lovely work!

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