When and How do we Begin?

Welcome to another round of Bliss Habits! And Welcome back to “Christy’s Labyrinth.”

As we look forward to all that fall has to offer, we transition into new beginnings.
We seek opportunities to bring Joy and Happiness into our lives,
to re-new our practice and commitment toward Healing and Wholeness in our lives.

Spiral Mandala. Photo © ces

“What will you do with this one wild and precious life?”
~ Mary Oliver

At any given moment, we are standing on a precipice and have the opportunity to choose:

Will we begin to live wholly, authentically… “to live our best life” (to quote Oprah)?
Will we continue to be stuck in the habits and beliefs that have kept our lives constricted?

When and where is the beginning? Is it necessarily the flip side of an ending?
Where are we in our lives? How much do we live on auto pilot? How often do we live in awareness?

Sometimes life circumstances put us in a situation where our new path is obvious and clear. Things are manifesting immediately, sometimes due to abrupt or dramatic events.

Sometimes all we have is an idea. In my experience, when that seed of an idea comes into my awareness that is the most important moment of beginning ~ it’s all about potential, conception. Although nothing obvious may happen for awhile, the very fact that the notion is lurking in the back of my mind means that someday, something will happen, something will change. We are already on the path, before even one small step is taken. We don’t know yet the “how” to create something, to bring it to fruition, we only know that a seed has been planted and the desire is there. We bide our time, waiting, planning, dreaming, nurturing…

Either way, at some point, the opportunity to begin presents itself…

Now. Right Now. There’s no more time to lose..

NOW. That word is a statement in and of itself.

“Now” is a full stop. Stop your spinning, your procrastinating, your rationalizing, your excuses.

“Now” is also a green light. Make your top priority your actual top priority. Schedule it. Act.



Once we commit to bringing something out of the realm of idea and into the physical world, we must consider that before we can begin anything at all, we must figure out How to begin.

To clarify our purpose and direction, we ask ourselves questions like:

Why do I want to do this? What am I wanting to accomplish?
What do I hope to gain? to expand? to learn?
To whom shall I dedicate my efforts?
What’s the point? (because if there is no point, why in the world should I put myself out there,
when I could take a nap instead?)

Journal about these things.

I find this is often useful as a way to dig deep into the heart of what I’m thinking about in the mind and feeling in the heart. Ask the questions and write down the first thing that comes… then, listen for the deeper messages and write them down too. The deepest whispered answer often holds the deepest truth, one that we may be uncomfortable to face, but ultimately, the one that will set us free.

Write a mission statement.

This could be just one statement. This could be a paragraph. This could be a photo or vision board. Something clear and concise about What you are beginning and How you plan to get there.


Desktop Altar. photo © ces


Invite the Divine, the Sacred.

Whatever that looks like for you. Invite Blessings to be bestowed upon you and your new endeavor.
Say some prayers. Burn a candle. Meditate. Commune with nature. Ask for support from loved ones.

a Talisman might be helpful.

A reminder of your intention and purpose. This could be a small trinket, a note or affirmation, a photo.

Start Where You Are

“You are your own beginning. Every day, every hour, every minute, you start again.
There’s no point wishing you were someone else, you are who you are – start there.”
~ A. M. Holmes *

Take a deep breath. Take another one. Whatever you have been doing, whatever you think about yourself or your situation is fine.

Let it go. Loosen your grip on what no longer serves.

You can not hold anything you do want if you are already holding things you don’t. You can’t change what’s already passed, so you might as well embrace this moment and make it the best you can.

Each moment is a new opportunity and the past gathers behind us so quickly.

Be Gentle with Yourself…

Just because it’s time to begin, doesn’t mean everything will go smoothly. There may be fits and starts; two steps forward and at least one backward. Maybe the path will be obvious. Maybe the path will be confusing, hidden. There will be obstacles and nay-sayers. Sometimes you might feel lost, and maybe you will need to take a fork in the road.

Hold true and know that tomorrow morning the sun will rise again on another day and you can begin again… and again… and again.

Every moment is a chance to begin again. It only takes awareness, mindfulness.

“The direction you choose to face determines whether
you are at the end or the beginning of the road.”
~ Richelle E. Goodrich *


Rainy day off-roading in Sedona, AZ. photo © ces


There are many cross roads in life. Something begins. Something ends. Life is cyclical like that. Sometimes, there are beginnings and endings overlapping.

We swing from one thing to another like children on monkey bars. Enjoy it.

~ Invitation ~

This week, I invite you to answer the questions above.
What is it that you want to begin?
What are you waiting for? the right time? permission? (You have mine, if that’s what you need)
Start today… with baby steps, if needed.

* A. M. Holmes. from Music for Torching

* Richelle E. Goodrich. from
Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, &Grumblings for Every Day of the Year.


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