Will you make a choice for grieving or celebration?

"Transition" by Selina Farmer
“Transition” by Selina Farmer

Life is constantly changing and with it there is always loss of some kind. We lose those that we love through death or departing from our life. We lose a part of our self as we grow into new aspect of being. Sometimes that means leaving something or someone behind.

The deepest grief is the one we feel over losing a loved one to death. Many of you reading this understand that we are all energy and as such we merely transition from one form of energy to another. However, we still miss the physicality of our loved ones.

But we can still feel or sense their presence and some people even see them. You may feel a sense of deep love encompass you or a tingling next to you as you wish for them to be there. One thought and they are always present with us.

We are multi dimensional beings who are not limited by our physical beings. It is even easier when we have transitioned to be with our loved ones. In a blink of an eye the thought goes out to them and they know they are being thought of and they will answer our call for comfort.

We grieve the loss of relationships until we realize that it all worked out the way that was best for all concerned. We grieve the loss of a child who goes off to college until we know that they are settled and we have the house to ourselves-all to ourselves!

Each transition can be a choice for grieving or celebration. It is our feelings that determine how we choose.

What if we could choose now to celebrate the transitions? What if we could step outside of the boxes that we live in when it comes to transitions and realize that life constantly changes and sometimes leaving something or someone behind is part of that?

There is a part of you that knows the truth of your life on planet earth and knows that it is a temporary state. You are focusing a part of your being on earth for the experiences you will have.

You delighted in the choices that would be available to you. You knew you were rounding out your being as it were, finishing up old business and relationships, and healing the parts of you, though we hesitate to say healing-it is more like anchoring the knowing that you hold into your experience of life on planet earth.

All of you are meeting up with those that you grieved for in another lifetime. You will feel an instant connection and wonder what that is all about!

It is about the knowing. I know you! I don’t know how I know you, but I do!

Sometimes you grieve their leaving your life, however brief a time they were in it, because you recognized them-you knew them as being a part of the deliciousness of love from another time. The faces are different but you know them in your heart.

There is no need to grieve though tears can be beneficial and each of you grieves in your own way and in your own time. We would not diminish the process but we would ask you to consider ahead of time-perhaps now-what it would be like if you could celebrate the love that you experienced and celebrate the life that chose to be with you on planet earth. It is no small thing and you will meet again, for you are multi-dimensional beings whose playground are all of the universes.

Most of you will meet them again in another lifetime-finishing up the bits and pieces of what was unfinished.

And for those of you who are open to this-you could finish it up now. You could observe the unfinished business-some of it that you have carried forward for centuries and understand that through love you can wrap it all up now.

All of it could be wrapped up now and then dear ones, you wouldn’t be finished, you would merely and most definitely be free to create your life in a brand new way.

You could change the old patterns and look at someone with new eyes. You could find yourself saying-oh there you are-beloved-thank you for being part of this journey. Now where will we go from here?

You are each of you magnificent beings of light and love.-each and every one of you.

That is our knowing and we would have you anchor that within your being. You would find that your life would become more joyous and grief would fail to touch you in the same way as it has before.

You have it all within you.

Go For The Joy

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