Yearning to make me feel deeply

Ice Hearts by Tamara Magnitsky

Welcome to Romance week!

ROMANCE – To court or woo romantically; treat with ardor or chivalrousness; a strong fascination or enthusiasm for something

It is the perfect week to break out those heart shaped ice cubes (leave it to my friend Tamara to have some of those!), write a little love note and/or any other little gesture (try one of these) that will make your sweetheart smile.

January gets to the heart of things:

 Heart Talk

by January Handl


See me


Hear me

In the reflection

of your eyes

I am beautiful

I am whole

I am worthy

of being cherished


This morning, as I awoke

with dream-filled mind,

and sleepy eyes,

and echoes of warmth

from your hands, lips

body, your smell lingering

on the pillow next to me…

I saw

a cup of coffee, hot

with my exact measurements

of honey and half and half

sitting upon a note:

Good Morning, Beautiful

hand- drawn sunflower

gracing the corner

of the paper


A small wine glass is

filled with flowers

from the garden

and I know

you went walking

thinking of making me


yearning to make me

feel deeply

your love


When you come in

and your own smile brings

the radiance of that love

within your heart

I am yours

To feel acknowledged in another’s eyes, to share the radiance of that love… this is romance!

So how will you do it? A flower on the bed stand? A sweet note tucked in a pocket? What will make your darling swoon or at the very least smile?

My Sweetie is away until the end of the week so I have the romantic pleasure of planning! Some time ago I wrote about an extravaganza that did not happen, and although we both lean towards more simple gestures the extra time apart just may evoke something more! I’ll keep you posted!

It is romance week. Time to daydream a bit about the small delights that will make your beloved’s heart sing and put one or two into motion. Please share, what will you be doing in the name of romance?


Tamara and January are here each Monday to help set the mood for the week!

Tamara Magnitsky

Tamara Magnitsky, a child of the wild blue yonder,
has been an ardent student and advocate for poetry, photography and excellence in general.
She is the mother of a 6 year old daughter and a beloved wife.
She can be found most days.

Bio written by Cary Brosius ~Tamara’s husband  🙂


January Handl

January Handl is first and always a mother, has been a preschool teacher and parent educator for 25 years. She is currently the Director/head teacher at Gazebo Park School, and lives at Esalen Institute in Big Sur. She lives simply in awe of existence.

She calls her photo “hot tub bliss”  🙂

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