You haven’t forgotten how to fly! A Wild Wonderful Whimsy #giveaway

OK, so in my preparations Whimsy this week, which always come at the very last possible minute because I am busy savoring the previous week’s goodies (wasn’t that a fabulous Passion week?!) I happened upon the marvelous Annie Passanisi, Happiness Advocate and Whimsy Coach who, along with 11 other fabulous women has started an honest to goodness whimsy revolution! Now if you have been following bliss habits for a while, or even if you haven’t been, you might suspect if not already know that I am a hard core whimsy lover.

What I have always loved about whimsy is that no matter what is going on in one’s life, even the smallest injection of whimsy has the capacity to shake things up and make a huge difference. Well, Annie and her crew of “Wendys” have taken this difference making capacity to a whole new level . Just like the Wendy in Peter Pan, so many of us have forgotten our life affirming right to fly! Yes fly, take some chances, capture childhood wonder and use it for good in our day to day lives, and they have put together a fabulous ebook that will help us reclaim that lost whimsy.


When I read what folks were saying about the ebook:

As a 37 year old woman who is finally (slowly) discovering who she really is, this book couldn’t have come along at a better time.” – Jennifer Hall

“Ho. Lee. Sh*t. This is like a plate of f@!*ing beautiful dipped in a side of booyah.” – Fabeku Fatunmise

“With all the wisdom and stories shared from these 12 wonderful women placed in one book, you are like buying assorted candies in one pack.” – Cindy Solon

 “It’s an amazing ebook jam-packed with laughs, love stories, and fun how-tos to get you back to living a life of fun and adventure.” – Megan Atkinson

 The title of this book really caught my attention, I immedietely thought about fairy tales and “oh, to be young again” and that is exactly what this book has done to me. I stopped being depressed over aging, and started to appreciate every second of my life.” – Camylla Marinho

“It’s an invitation to know the Wendys better so we can recognize the Wendy in us and let her fly. It’s permission to reframe who we are by the stories we tell about ourselves. Who wouldn’t be inspired?” – Scrollwork

“Whimsy for Wendys Joy Infused Living for Grownups is a sweet reminder that we can’t let adulthood just happen. Fly! Every day is an opportunity to experience whimsy…. joy rising!” – Jacqueline R. Humphrey

“You need this book. You deserve this book!!! While you check out this site I’m going to go PLAY!! Then I’m going to read this book again and highlight more lines. Make more notes on the side. I’m off to be a Wendy!” – Connie Gruning

I just KNEW I had to get me some! And then I decided I wanted to get you some too, so even though it was the Sunday before the Monday of my Whimsy week, I reached out and had the complete fun and privilege of plotting whimsical foolery with Annie, even before I had my breakfast.

I had this thought that perhaps one of these inspirational  gals in the book might be able, even at this very last minute, write something for our whimsy week to inspire us (Yay Jennie Mustafa-Julock, alias: The Audacity Coach, will be doing so on Friday for us!) and Annie topped my request by offering to give one Bliss Habit’s reader a copy of this ebook! Yes, you read that right!  One of you will get the chance to have a copy of this book sent directly to you!

So here is how it is going to work:

You enter by leaving a comment on this post telling me about your favorite whimsy and/or why you would like more whimsy in your life. Please leave an email or blog address where I may reach you if you are the winner.

  • You get additional entries once you have completed the above by commenting on any Bliss Habit’s post this week. One comment  on every post will count.
  • You get an additional entry by tweeting your whimsy

your whimsy goes here #Whatsyourwhimsy #Giveaway @BlissHabits

(my example :  “Sprinkling Fairy dust! #Whatsyourwhimsy #Giveaway @BlissHabits” )

  • You also get an additional entry for every facebook or google+ share of a Bliss Habit’s whimsy post this week! Just stop back here and let me know you have done so (just in case I missed it!)

The winner will be selected from all the entries received by Midnight Pacific Time this Sunday, November 20th

Pretty fun, eh?!

So go on… tell me, what is your whimsy?


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14 thoughts on “You haven’t forgotten how to fly! A Wild Wonderful Whimsy #giveaway

  1. This is such a great question. Adults need as much whimsy, play and spontaneity as they can get. It’s like a muscle we stop using even though we all had it as kids.

    My whimsy almost always comes in the form of dancing and getting into my body through mindful movement.

  2. My daughter and I love to make things to decorate the table and/or dining room. Our favorites are pipe cleaner fairies with acorn hats, little owls made with pine cones and googly eyes, and poem cards decorated with glitter swirls.

  3. Love this! Keeping curiosity and playfulness alive are SO important. One of my favorite ways to play is to wander outside with my camera and “see what I can see.” I’ve sometimes spent up to 45 minutes wandering in one small area, looking up close and finding such unexpected beauty.

  4. Lisa says:

    Wheee! I have a lot, depending on my mood. ( for example, whimsy when I’m exhausted can be running and throwing myself under a heavy tent of covers just to get lost in the magical rest!). A more regular one? Story dancing. I put on favorite songs and dance/move according to the lyrical and/or a dramatic concurrent story I’ve imagined! First time I’ve shared that…so much fun!

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