You now have permission to indulge your passions!

There. How does that make you feel?

Of course this takes for granted that you have given me some permission over these things, or possibly that when I mentioned it you decided to give yourself that permission.

Sadly, in a lot of cases, giving oneself permission is very much needed. I’d like to think that I give my passions (I mean they are my PASSIONS!) a lot of indulgence but sadly this really isn’t the case. Somehow, in my personal overused and misused version of the word I have relegated Passion to a very lofty status. Just do any google search on the topic. Finding one’s Passion, Living one’s Passion is tantamount to finding the holy grail! With something THAT important, I really shouldn’t be running willy-nilly in and playing with them.

Passions are more SERIOUS then that!

Ha! It is exactly that sort of thinking that has left me paralyzed in the past.

'Πατάτες τηγανητές' photo (c) 2010, Klearchos Kapoutsis - license:

Take a look, “Good French Fries” made my list.

And now let me tell you that ever since I put them on my “48 Things I am Passionate About” list I have been avoiding them. Somehow to make it a worthwhile pursuit of my passion, the french fries had to be so perfect I just gave them up all together. Good health benefits notwithstanding, because I named them a passion I started to require perfection and since that isn’t attainable I abstain. Notice that on my list it only says “good” French Fries. There is nothing about them needing to be perfect but somehow now that I put them on my list they had to at least be great, and since I wasn’t willing to be disappointed I just stopped enjoying them all together.

Now I might be pretty extreme in my handling of passions, but ask yourself, are there passions on your list that you are waiting to test until… you have the right materials, right amount of time, or you reach some other personal milestone, enough money, finish school, get married..?  I’m betting that you do.

If you do spend time and energy on your passions, do you find yourself holding back? DO you allow yourself to be “all in” for even a few hours?

If you are anything like me, you are starting to realize that you have passion boxed up for special occasions or you are waiting for just the right time and place to do them right.

Well, by now it is probably getting pretty obvious that no RIGHT time is coming. And I am here to tell you this as well, if you let your passions languish up on those lofty pedestals they start to lose their luster. In the moment of noticing that I have a real passion for a good french fry I felt VERY PASSIONATE about them. I could imagine the lovely golden color, proper crunch and soft potato inside with mouth watering satisfaction. Now, having not INDULGED in so much as a fry for months it suddenly seems arbitrary that I ever had them on my list.

You see if we don’t indulge our passions from time to time they end up being nice ideas. It is only when we actively engage with them that they even can be passions. On Monday, when I let you know that “this week I am going to play with passion, celebrate passion and plain old have fun with passion” I didn’t realize what a breakthrough it would be. Giving myself permission to indulge my passions has opened me up to feeling their power again.

You can do the same!

(Now if you have gotten this far and think that you don’t have any passions and/or are particularly hard pressed to identify any, you should go back to yesterday’s post and discover some today!)

  • If art is your passion take a virtual tour of your favorite art museum, replenish your paint supplies, buy or borrow a book on your favorite artist, dabble with a new medium…
  • If you love ladybugs go ahead and buy that ladybug salt and pepper shaker, research their migration patterns, watch a youtube video about their mating rituals…
  • Passionate about NASCAR? Get a new hat, sign up for a fan site, watch an interview with your favorite star…
  • Natural wool fibers your thing? Buy a new skein of yarn, go to a fabric store and feel the wool fabrics, research new small independent shops on the internet…
  • Adore chocolate? Buy one piece of super duper expensive chocolate and devour it in seconds, do the same and savor it for an hour, go to the candy isle and smell the bags of chocolate chips, visit Chocolate for Breakfast
  • French Fries? Go to a place known to have some tasty ones, make some at home, look at photos of them…

You get the idea! What ever makes your heart sing, your job is to go out and indulge that passion today. If you can only give your passion 5 minutes, take a mini bliss trip and daydream about it, if you have 15 minutes do more, give yourself the gift of scheduling a “Passion Day” and spend a few minutes enjoying the planning of it. Certainly, I don’t plan on indulging my French Fry passion every day, but from now on I plan on indulging some passion or another, every day.

In the case of my difference making passions, things like sustainability and non-gmo foods (#16 and #24 on my list) I am actually scheduling time in my calendar to consider what I can do to forward the action in my life. Until today they have been living as “good ideas” but knowing that I will be spending actual time with them has already helped me to feel passionate again.

Make today the starting point and vow to make time for your passions. Give yourself permission to be indulgent. You will be so glad you did.

Now, I’m off to get some fries!


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3 thoughts on “You now have permission to indulge your passions!

  1. My passion is reading and a quick glance at my Kindle will reveal at least a dozen books that I am in the middle of reading. If only I could sit and read all day, I’d be in heaven (this is the reason I love 5 hour plane rides!). Alas, those days don’t happen often for me, but I do make sure I do some reading EVERY SINGLE DAY. I would not be a happy camper otherwise. I do sometimes wonder if I’ve got another passion out there waiting to happen. Maybe I’ll find it in a book…!

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